Friday, October 15, 2010

A Reunion of Your Life

I had my ten year class reunion a few weeks ago.  I realize that reunions are usually events that strike fear into the hearts of many, but in truth, I've been looking forward to mine for almost ten years.  I'm still good friends with many of the girls that I hung out with in high school, so in some ways it was just a bonus to see and catch up with the other fifty people that made up my graduating class.  (Yep, fifty.  We were a small town.)

As the reunion got closer, happened and then past I started thinking about all of the other people in my life that I no longer see, talk to or hear from.  Wouldn't it be neat if you could have your own personal reunion?    So instead of a "Ten Year Class Reunion," I would like to see a "The Past Ten Years of MP's Life."  It would get expensive because the people that I still think about, talk about and wonder what the f- happened to them are spread all over the world.  You would think that in the age of Facebook finding everyone would be easy.  Wouldn't it be fun though!  It would be like the best house party ever, and you (or I) would be the one unifying factor between all of the guests.  I love those kind of parties; I've been lucky enough to have such awesome friends that I'm fairly positive that it would work.  A sampling of the guest list?

  • The NY gal that inspired me to study abroad and was the first person to treat me like an adult.
  • The MN Catholic school girl who was younger, wiser and infinitely more awesome than anyone else at summer camp.
  • The guy that I hung out with one semester.  He was super tall, super funny and I am still super bummed that he joined a frat and realized I wasn't as cool as he thought I was.
  • My theatre pal who looked crazily like Portia de Rossi.  For real.  And had some crazy mad acting skills to boot.
  • The dirt bike riding, Jesus loving, beard growing landscaper that everyone thought I was dating, but really just enjoyed talking too.  He married his best friend and quite possibly the sweetest person on earth.
What about you?  Who would you like to see show up at the reunion of your life?


  1. MP, I absolutely love this post! I have envisioned this scenario in my head many times, and it so cool to see who would make it on your list!

  2. Thank you! I love planning what my reunion would look like...there are so many people that I would love to catch up with!