Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beans, Beans, the Magical...

I'm still working into getting a groove with this school, blog, life thing.  Thank you for being patient!  I'm thinking right now that I will blog on Tuesday and Thursday.  That's the goal and I will try to stick to it.  But that's enough meta talk for tonight.

I just made the best dinner.  The Mr. just recently went vegetarian again and it's been a little bit of a struggle with me being pregnant and craving meat/protein and one very picky toddler.  Add in two nights a week when a sitter watches the Little Lady plus one night of Daddy and Me class and you have one meal planning nightmare.  But, I may have found a solution!

Quesadillas and burritos are huge in our house.  I love anything with taco seasoning and the Little Lady will eat a cheese quesadilla like there's no tomorrow.  So tonight I decided to make homemade refried black beans to go with it.  I'm not sure if there were very authentic, or if they were truly refried, but they were damn tasty.  Here's my partial recipe.

MP's "Refried" Black Beans

2 Cups of Black Beans 
Use dried, try this quick and easy method,
or canned are fine
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Chili Powder
4 oz can of Green Chiles

1. Take about half of the beans and mash them up in a bowl.
2. Add all of the beans to a small pot.
3. Add seasonings to taste and the can of chiles.  
Don't forget the salt!  Beans need salt to make them taste good.
4. Add a bit of water and keep mashing until the beans are
creamy and of beany consistency.  
5. Taste.  Adjust Seasonings if needed.
6. Use as desired!

A very quick and easy way to get dinner on the table and nutritious and delicious to boot.  Try it.  The Mr. got his in a burrito form since it was easier to transport.  Even the Little Lady choked some down.  And that, if nothing else, makes them a success.

Bon Appetit! 


  1. Thanks Jen! Now, I just need to tell the Little Lady that you said that...maybe I won't get such a fight next time. :)

  2. hey- for me salt and pepper and a big spoonful of coconut oil suffices for lovely home made smooshed beans. ;)oh yeah, also powdered milk in it. this is a kid friendly version, then me and aaron just add hotsauce..